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Kylie Jones

CEO & Founder

"Music is connected to every memory, every dream and every vision."

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About Rock 'N' Rollers

'Supporting you to live the experience, find your people, make the memories.'

Rock N Rollers is a unique support program facilitating the experiences of a lifetime for people with a disability. 

Here's how we got started.

5 years ago, after only 3 years of supporting and spending most of my days amongst people with varying forms of disability, I noticed a huge lack of opportunity for our clients to find their people of their people, to feel like part of a social group with similar interests, age, and ability. Today, there are so many great support services available and we want to assist you with a new way of support. Today, more than ever, our clients are seeking the chance to connect with others of similar age, interests and level of disability.

The possibilities are endless, theres nothing that can't be done with R'N'R!

Led by Kylie, the Rock N Rollers team have extensive experience working as Support Staff within varying large companies in both SIL accommodation and 1:1 supports. 


45 The Esplanade, Oak Flats, NSW 2526


0438 977 283


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