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About Kylie

"I am a Mum of three boys, two dogs, two cats and a new grandmother!

My happy place is being outdoors in nature, feet in the hot sand, by the beach breeze. My other happy place has always been upfront, in the thick of it watching artists performing magic on stage with my people, my tribe.


Music is in my veins. My whole life has a soundtrack attached to it. Artists have sung to me like they know my pain, joy, wonder, regret and love. Music is connected to every memory, every dream and vision. At times they were my only friends, the only people who understood me and supported me through the hardest and incredibly wonderful times."

Kylie Jones2.jpg

"As soon as I entered the world of people with disabilities and their families, I knew I was on the right path. I quickly noticed that a lot of the time their activities and access to friends was limited. I have wanted to assist them with that. Everyone deserves to meet their people, be amongst them and see those they admire and love performing."

"Rock N Rollers has been years in the making. Years of gaining beautiful forever friendships, experience and motivation. My passion for inclusiveness and the arts has combined to form Rock 'N' Rollers.


Together we can support our local cafes, restaurants, pubs, venues, bands, artists and build this wonderful and inspiring community with them.

I cant wait to hear about your passions and what we can do to assist you to reach your goals and dreams. Endless possibilities.

Lets do this together xxx"

Kylie x

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