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Weekly Group Socials

Monday's Ladies Circles

Weekly Mondays here at the RNR HQ where women have a safe space to come together and bond over learning new skills, sharing stories, encouraging wellness, journaling, and forming connections.


From crafting, beading, painting, journalling, cooking, pottery, all the way to creating our RNR newsletter, there is a skill for all ladies to learn, bring or share within this circle.


Let's go to one of our local pubs, grab a feed and play an intense and exciting game of pool, bowling, mini golf or maybe even darts! Connect with the crew and make life long friendships.


Wednesday's are for fishing! Join us on our all acessible pontoon boat, catch some fish and most importantly enjoy he outdoors and water.


Do you love being in the spotlight singing your heart out on the karaoke stage? Do you like to play Drag Queen Bingo or Trivia ? Maybe even a boogie at the disco? Thursday group have you covered!


Do you want to gain confidence in our community and experience the Illawarra and Sydneys night life? Rock 'N' Rollers have you covered! There is no limits with us.


Any experience you can think of we can do from visiting the animals at the zoo to a day out at Luna Park! We like to get a feel for what the clients want to do and are always open to suggestions!

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